Introduction Skills of Skiing

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How to turn? For beginners of double board skiing, turning is the first difficulty to break through the initial stage. You might as well be familiar with the following skills before stepping on the track:

1. Turn right to strengthen the pressure of the left snowboard on the snow surface, and turn left to turn the other way around.

2. When turning, in addition to the pressure of the snowboard on the snow surface, the pressurized soles of the feet have the action of turning inward.

3. The knee does not press inward. Just keep bending.

You should be able to wrestle when skiing. It is inevitable to fall in skiing. Learning the correct falling posture can avoid injury as far as possible:

1. When wrestling, sit down to the rear left or right;

2. Never sit back directly, Because the hips can't sit on the ground;

3. Put your hands on both sides and don't be pressed by your hips;

4. After the buttocks touch the ground, the steel edge of the snowboard will also scratch the snow, causing resistance and stopping the snowboard from sliding.

Stand up after falling:

1. The snowboard is close to and merged with the slope at 90 degrees;

2. Support your hips and body with your hands, squat on the snowboard, and stand up;

How do beginners turn their heads in taxiing?
1. First slow down to a certain speed with the eight-character braking metho
2. If you want to turn left, lean your weight towards your right foot and keep the snowboard parallel to the snow surface;
3. At this time, you can feel the gravity and direction with open arms.