Unite Against COVID-19

Source:Jiangyin Muhe import&Export Co., Ltd Release time:2022-05-20 10:29:05 Author:841

At the beginning of May, a sudden epidemic—Covid 19 put the city of Jiangyin into a "battle state". Nucleic acid tests have multiple positive results.

The main leaders of the province and city attached great importance to it, deployed quickly, mobilized all forces, and went all out to carry out the epidemic prevention and control work. In the past two weeks, in the front line, countless people have risen to the challenge. Those ordinary people have become heroes who stand up and bear heavy burdens.

After two weeks of tripartite efforts and cooperation by staff, volunteers, and the people, on May 18, 90% of Jiangyin was lifted, returning to normal.

Maybe the epidemic will still exist for a long time, but we believe that as long as we are united, the epidemic is not terrible, and we will eventually usher in the dawn of victory.