Yoga vs Pilates

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Many people would think that Yoga and Pilates are the same kinds of exercise, but in fact, they are trained in different ways and bring different results.

Yoga originated in India, and it is a physical, mental, and spiritual exercise. Yoga is trained by making asanas and holding the poses. It aims to improve the conditions of physical and mental to reduce stress. Yoga relieves migraines and will increase the rate of melatonin production, thus promoting better sleep.

Pilates works on the small muscle groups of the body. Pilates is usually performed on an exclusive mat or apparatus. It is a more intense exercise than yoga. Long-term practice of Pilates can improve your figure and increase control of the core muscle groups. Furthermore, it can even relieve chronic pain.

Yoga and Pilates are good choices for those who looking for exercise. With the right instructor, there’s less chance of hurting yourself than with other more active sports.