Suggestions for Exercise During Extreme Heat

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Extreme heat is becoming increasingly common across the globe, with longer, more frequent heat waves spreading each year. These rising temperatures pose a threat to health, including heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Read on for guidance on how to exercise during the swelter.

1. The most important thing is to stay well-hydrated. Everyone should expect to drink more than they normally would, and constant access to water is key.

2. Exercise early in the morning or after sunset when the air and the streets are cooler. Avoid strenuously exercising on very hot and humid days and seek out shady trails or sidewalks whenever possible. If you do plan to exercise outside, drink a slushie beforehand or douse your head in cold water. Cold showers can also help you cool down.

3. Also make sure you are wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, using sunscreen, and hydrating regularly.