2021 New Design OEM Strength Fiberglass Freestyle Snowboard For Winter Sports

  • $95 and up
  • Model Number : MH-0004
  • ◆ Classic retro snowboard shape
    ◆ The manufacturing process is exquisite and perfect
    ◆ Surface feel comfortable, antiskid
    ◆ The product can adapt to any field
    ◆ It can silkscreen custom logo
    ◆ Both men and ladies can use it
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Products Description

  • Classic positive arch design, sintered bottom, special bottom treatment effect.
  • The core is made of pure white poplar, which makes the snowboard lightweight. The carbon fiber strip placed inside the core makes the snowboard more flexible. The fiberglass block at the snowboard holder position enhances the stability of the holder. Known as the "Snow Road Elf", it is suitable for different snow trails and elasticity beyond your imagination.
  • Enjoy the speed and passion that it brings to you.
  • Special structure designed specifically for children and adolescents.
  • The snowboard adopts a two-way head design with a thin two-headed, thin head and tail design to create a very light snowboard for children, making it easier to cut into the snow, easier to master ski skills, easy to turn, and children. Experience skiing fun.


Place of Origin

Jiangsu, China

Model Number



Fiberglass&Poplar Wood Core&TPU&ABS

Production time

30 Days

Product size


Item Weight (N.W)


Shipping Dimensions





50 Pcs

Packaging Details


Payment Terms


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