Racer Snow Sled with Steering Wheel and Twin Brakes for Kid & Adult Multicolored Customizable

  • $44 and up
  • Model Number : MH-0029
  • ◆ High-quality Material Bearing Up to 100kg
    ◆ Cool and Fashionable Appearance
    ◆ Stretch Design for Easier Uphill
    ◆ Third Gear Adjustable Cushion More Comfortable
    ◆ Double Pipe Reinforcement Safer
    ◆ High-quality Shock Absorption Design
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Products Description


  • The racer snow sled is built up with fast side and front runners attached to a classic go-kart frame. In the winter snow, kids will have loads of fun experiencing the power of the great-looking racing sled!
  • This classic racer includes a sure-grip steering wheel connected to a wide track center ski for carving turns has built-in handbrakes for speed control. All parts on the sled are smooth, so they won't cut or scrape uncovered hands. The Sled Slides Evenly On Any Steep Downhill runs, The lanyard has a safe mountaineering buckle attachment, so children under the age of 6 can be dragged away by adults on flat ground. This product is safe and controllable!
  • A great introduction to the joys of sledding, the racer sled is guaranteed to provide hours of fun. The frame material is made of high-quality steel pipe and reinforced high-density polyethylene snowboard that handles impact well.
  • This classic winter product is beautifully designed, Made for one young rider, it is durable, safe, and ready for as many trips down the slope as you are! The ergonomic seat suits any child and teen of most ages, The children will like it!
  • If it's damaged in shipping, Or even if you change your mind - simply let us know and we will either replace it or refund your money, Your choice!


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Jiangsu, China

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5 Days

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