What is a paddle board?

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What is a paddle board?

Paddle surfing (SUP) is also known as stand up paddle surfing. Initially, in order to manage a large number of students, the surfing instructor can get a better field of vision by standing upright on the surfboard, which is convenient for observing the surrounding situation and is also conducive to the swells coming from a distance.

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The sport of paddle boarding originated from paddle surfing in Hawaii in the 1960s. In recent years, it has gradually become popular all over the world. SUP paddle board has become one of the most popular water sports. The full name is Stand Up Paddle, or SUP for short, so paddle board players are also SUPER!

Because it is simple and easy to play and has a variety of ways to play, lying, lying, kneeling, sitting, standing, jumping into the water and swimming at any time, paddle boards have gradually become popular in China in recent years;

It is precisely because of its high participation and low threshold that even rookie players can get started right away. People participating in paddle board sports can range from children to the elderly, and even your pet dog can play together.

The paddle board has a wider and thicker surface, so it has more buoyancy, making it easier for players to master the balance, and it is also equipped with paddles, so you can experience the fun of paddling on various water surfaces.

It is also a pleasant thing to invite friends to bathe in the sun, enjoy nature, and at the same time get full-body exercise.