Four Swimming Postures

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Due to the high temperature, swimming is more popular than any other sport in summer. We will introduce you to the four most common swimming postures, they are: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly stroke, and Backstroke.

Freestyle, this posture is well-structured with low resistance, and is one of the most energy-saving and fastest swimming postures. Many people tend to use freestyle in competition event where there are no restrictions on the swimming posture.

Breaststroke is a swimming posture that imitates frogs and is one of the oldest swimming postures. By using this posture, swimmers can easily observe whether there are obstacles in front of them and avoid hitting them. Breaststroke is often used in fishing, hunting, swimming, rescue, water handling, etc. At the same time, it is also a learning project for swimming beginners.

The butterfly stroke is one of the swimming items, and it evolved based on breaststroke. From its appearance, it looks like a butterfly spreading its wings, so people call it a "butterfly stroke". The butterfly stroke is the last stroke to be developed among the four swimming postures.
Backstroke is a swimming position in which you lie on your back in the water. It is easy to breathe during backstroke, but the swimmer cannot see where he is swimming. Backstroke is the only position in which the athlete starts in the water; all others are jumping into the water.

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